MarkdownPad Feature Comparison

The following table shows a comparison of features available in MarkdownPad Free and MarkdownPad Pro.

MarkdownPad Free MarkdownPad Pro
Standard Markdown support Yes Yes
Instant HTML Preview Yes Yes
Print HTML Yes Yes
Print Markdown Yes Yes
Easy formatting with keyboard shortcuts Yes Yes
HTML export Yes Yes
Spell check Yes Yes
Custom CSS Yes Yes
High-performance Markdown rendering
(supports huge documents)
Yes Yes
Translated in your language Yes Yes
Distraction-free mode Yes Yes
Markdown Syntax highlighting Yes Yes
Offline installer Yes Yes
Maximum open documents 4 Unlimited
Custom CSS stylesheets 5 Unlimited
Vertical/Horizontal application layout Vertical only Vertical and Horizontal
Auto-save Yes
PDF export Yes
Built-in image uploader Yes
Markdown Tables Yes
Fenced Code Blocks Yes
GitHub Flavored Markdown support Yes
Code syntax highlighlighting in rendered HTML
(Included with GitHub Flavored Markdown)
Markdown Extra support Yes
Custom HTML Head content Yes
Session manager Yes
Automatically restore previous session Yes
Configurable automatic update schedule Yes
Early access to new features Yes
Commercial Use Yes
Support the developer Yes
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